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Springfield VW


Welcome to the website dedicated to the Springfield, VA Volkswagen dealership, with emphasis on SERVICE!!

OR more specifically the complete LACK of quality service.

As of 2003:

BBB Customer Experience Record:
Based on Bureau files, this company has an UNSATISFACTORY record with the BBB

BBB Customer Complaint Information:
Complaints against this business concern refund practices, repair issues and service issues.

This site is dedicated to the service department of the Vokswagen dealer in Springfield, VA. I am interested in any experiences you may have had with this group. I no longer patronize this establishment, for the reasons listed below. I advise you strongly not to give them your business as well. They do not care about you or your vehicle. They only care what's in your wallet.

In other words, I would not trust this delearship AT ALL.

I have added links for their sales and parts departments if you'd like to share any experiences with them as well.

This site is still under construction, but if you have stories, please send them and let me know if I can use them on the site. The current list of examples of Service received in Springfield include:

1) Being double billed. I have written them three times (respectfully and truthfully each time), and received one RUDE response.
2) Receiving car with no coolant, causing overheating and almost blowing the engine.
3) Not fixing (even partially!!) a simple problem with 3 tries, each time saying it was FIXED.
4) Destroying the finish of a car by using a caustic substance on the finish.
5) Recommending I replace the oil pan at a multi-hundred dollar cost. That was 120k miles ago, and it's still fine.
6) Replacing a fog light and scratching up the finish around the light.

7) There is probably more, but that's all I can remember at thie moment..

Please send your stories to the email link below!! Also, please email me if you know of good places for VW service in the Northern Virginia area -or- if my stories help you avoid a bad experience in Springfield.

Last Update:
March 2008

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UPDATE:   I apologize to those who sent in stories that I havent posted.  I will do my best to make updates soon.


Give them a chance, and your car may come out like this!  

Is an excellent site to educate yourself on your VW.

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